Jumping into this work... head first!

Amanda here and firstly I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2018 is predicted to be the year of personal and spiritual growth and becoming limitless in all your achievements. Does this January prediction ring true at all for you and your goals this year? Though can certainly be a dreary month for some, I am certain that you have made steps in the right direction for all that you will achieve this year. I am emailing you today because I wanted to update you on exactly what it is I am up to these days. Many of you know I was let go from my gig last July, however it landed me in Kelowna, B.C. and I am forever grateful for that. So, after many significant changes throughout last year, that includes being laid off (which immediately induced fear inside me), my divorce coming to an end, learning a new city and unsure of what the heck I was doing in my professional life? And then, for the first time in my life, I gained enough courage to STOP! I finally started to listen… I took some time for me, some much needed time to reflect, to learn, to engage and to figure out what my next move was. So, I jumped, even though my bank accounts were depleting, not sure of how and where this venture would go, I believed and had faith that everything works out just the way it is supposed to. I TRUSTED my “gut”, my intuition and have stepped into coaching and since become a Motivational Life & Success Coach :) I have always known I was meant for more in my life and career… and my passion for helping people has never parted ways with me. My longing to motivate, empower and help people get through the roadblocks in their life which in turn ultimately allows them to see what they are truly capable of in this life is why I am so incredibly passionate about what I do. I continue to dive head first into this work not only(for myself) and for those longing for so much more in life… More Fulfillment More Motivation More Freedom I would love to get to connect with you. How can I support you in your journey? Perhaps you know someone who is looking to work with a coach, yet doesn’t know where to turn? With that, I am offering a Free, no obligation discovery session, where we will get on the phone and chat one-on-one about all the things in life as they relate to you on a personal and/or professional level. Are you ready to dive into living your life with purpose and passion? YES – how perfect… so then why don't we connect? Hit reply and/or forward this note to a friend or family member because connection is at the root of our fulfillment and we deserve to live our BEST lives right? Sending Love & Light, xx