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Change and all of it's glory

Have you ever had the burning desire to change in some capacity? I don’t mean change every aspect of your current situation… I’m talking about the longing, that voice that is talking to you and saying: “You are meant for more”.

Whether you’re looking to save for a trip, invest in that next large purchase, lose a few pounds, spend more time with your loved ones or have that change in your career… please read on.

Fear keeps us small. Time and time again, fearing the unknown is actually what keeps us stuck in our current situation. Our ego makes the decisions for us based on what we “should” be doing, and not what we “need to be” or “desire to do”. But, what if there was a different way?

What if there was a way out of this thing I like to call our “mind-trap” that keeps us small?

I’ve got good news… there is a way out. If you’re willing to believe in your deepest voice, your longing, your desire for more and dive into doing the work on yourself, for yourself ~ then you win. Plain and Simple!

Below are my 3 simple steps that will have you believing that this is absolutely possible for you:

1. Decide what you desire and what your goal is. You run your life, no one else. I’ve learned this the hard way, because for so long in my life I wanted these desires for everyone else but me. I feared judgment and displacement in the world and that’s what led to ZERO results. It took me over a decade to realize this (silly I know) but it’s true, that no one else is going to do the work for me. I am in charge here, that’s it, that’s all.

2. Invest in yourself. It’s better to have an army beside you then to do this alone, so why not invest in someone who can help you pave your path for a successful future. I needed all the help I could get, so I invested in a life coach and it was the best decision I made. A life, career, wellness or performance coach help us see what’s possible for us by getting under those barriers that so often block us from our truest desires and they hold us accountable by keeping us on track with our goals. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

3. Plan your execution. No goals are ever met without us putting in the work. I am all for dreaming about the life we want to live or the success we want and that’s beautiful however without doing the work, there will be zero results. I have my end goal in mind and so I work backwards with a time-line that is reasonable and effective to ensure I meet my goal exactly when I want to meet it. I bring myself back to my purpose daily and am constantly reminding myself to stay the course because my desire is greater than my fear.

This process involves a shift in your mindset from fear to faith and from failure to success.

Is your desire for change and growth greater than failure?

Are you willing to put in the inner work to get amazing outputs?

Are you ready make your dreams a reality?

This is possible for each of us.

Change is inevitable

Change is expansive

Change is growth

May your faith be greater than your fear and your longing be enough to get started today… and remember… it’s all a process in us becoming the greatest versions of our self, so please be kind and patient with yourself and most of all ~ enjoy the journey along the way.

Sending so much love & light,



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