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Do you wonder how it feels to live a Fulfilled, Fearless and Free life?
Do you long for deeper Love & Respect in your relationships?
Do you desire more Joy & Abundance in your life?
Do you crave more Fulfillment in your career?​
If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above... Click the link below and lets explore how you can feel supported in unlocking your true potential and creating the life of your dreams!
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Hello Beautiful! I’m Amanda, a motivational life transition coach, HR consultant, entrepreneur and spiritual enthusiast, passionate about helping you discover and design the life and business of your dreams.

After years of compromising my intuition for the "status quo", and hitting rock bottom above many other life altering experiences... I decided to listen. I started to listen to my spirit, my soul and the voices in my head telling me that I was most certainly on the wrong path in life and if I didn't change it now and if I kept ignoring this voice, this feeling, this vibration within me... I would never be able to set myself free.


To learn more about my journey and how I went from living a life of survival to living a life of joy and abundance, click the link below.

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Want to hear more about how I can help you unlock your potential and remove the road blocks that are getting in the way of you living your dream fulfilled life? Contact me today to schedule a FREE discovery call. 

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Right when my life becomes oh so seamless... I get handed a new set of challenges.jpg

“If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint", then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Vincent Van Gogh


Wondering through this life often feels like it's all but a dream! #live #love #explore #empower #sc


You are meant for greatness my darling. You were put on this earth to not just exist, but to show the world all your talent and truth be told, we need you, we need your gifts. Are you ready to unlock your talent and show the world what you are made of? Are you ready to have meaning and purpose and create the life you've always imagined?

And so I jump into the unknown... yet I know I'll be alright... because I love myself enough...jpg


Your soul is the essence of you, it's who you are as a human and it is our guide, to who we are meant to be. Fear overshadows the soul, because the truth lies in our soul and fear prevents us from acting on what our soul is trying to desperately to tell us. Are you ready to deepen into your desires and turn your passions into purpose in life and business? Today, do you choose fear or love?

Happy Thanksgiving my loves💕


You are capable of anything you put your heart and mind too. You dream, you wonder, you are curious like the rest of us. You are beautiful and you are here because you desire more out of life... more money, joy purpose, balance, pleasure,  excitement, and adventure. Are you ready to dive into how you can create the life of your dreams? Do you believe in yourself?

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