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Looking Out to the Lake


Amanda is a motivational life coach, entrepreneur and spiritual enthusiast who believes everyone intuitively knows they are meant for more in Life:

MORE Freedom

MORE Fulfillment

MORE Money

Amanda’s career started over 10 years ago working jobs in various industries, landing roles in accounting, operations, management, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing.


Amanda graduated from the University of Calgary in Human Resource Management in 2013. Always having compassion and love for people while in the work experience she gained in the corporate sector, she knew that helping people become the best versions of themselves was her true calling… and that’s when it all clicked inside her… the dots were connecting.

After escalating her career in Human Resources over 4 years, moving to 4 different cities, becoming divorced from her husband, and hitting rock bottom on numerous occasions, she decided it was time for serious change… and not knowing where to turn or how to do it – she decided to invest in life coaching and learn to put herself first. And for the first time in her entire life, Amanda felt what it was supposed to feel like to listen, to cultivate and to dive into the deep work on ourselves that we so often ignore. This deep, soulful work has changed the direction of her life in more ways than one.

Amanda has learned the essence of a fulfilling and satisfying life and that is to nurture and love yourself first – and then the rest will fall into place as it should. 

Call it a blessing what happens next, but during the summer of 2017, she got out of her corporate gig, took the leap and decided to dive into her purpose… the work that she was meant for in this world all the while transitioning to a new city. 

Amanda whole heartedly knows how it feels to live in fear, insecurity, jealously and constant money worries. However, despite these feelings, she has always been a dreamer, longing for something in life that lights you up and gets your heart racing, something that you can’t stop thinking about, something that you know you are meant for – that your soul says YES that’s it.


This is where it all begins...

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