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A spoon full of beauty for YOU!

So much has been coming through me lately it’s hard to even know where to begin. So, as they say… just start. This is for YOU my darling – all of YOU!

I want nothing more for you to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and living your life on purpose.

I believe you are on this planet to serve, to help, to allow individuals to step into their beauty.

I live for you to listen to your body, to connect with it and sit with what it’s telling you.

I fear you’re not welcoming the light, please stop avoiding what’s happening around you.

I know deep down you desire so much love and abundance, but there is a block, a protective presence.

I long for your soul to be free and to be in love with thee, the exceptional human that you are.

I wish for you to sit with your fears and insecurities, listen to these feelings and be vulnerable in them.

I strive for you to begin, to step into your greatness, your desires, your magic.

I am not able to think of a more blessed person to show themselves to this world, than yourself.

I see that your healing is unfolding just as it should, so continue to listen and don’t avoid.

I humbly ask you to step into your greatest power and be the person you are meant to be in this world, without limitation, without fear, without judgement – because we need you… all of you to show us what it means to LOVE unconditionally and to LIVE authentically.

It’s right there… awaiting… you’ll see… if you just be in the divine and allow her to guide your life. The questions you’re in search of will be answered, the weight will be lifted, your soul will be ignited and love will continue to pour through you and into this world… oh what a beautiful feeling.

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