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It’s all so heavy.

It’s all so surreal and feels like a dream, a bad dream. One where we can’t come through, or see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why is it so? Why is this so hard?

Why do I find myself crying in the middle of the afternoon and evening, randomly?

I wish I had answers, but instead I am going to write. Because none of us have answers. You see, this is the problem, we are all so busy trying to “have it all figured out”, trying to sort out and solve the future, our future state, yet before this baffling year arose, we were doing that anyway.

Why are we always trying to control every single state we are in?

Predicting the future is based around fear. It’s all based around fear. Were we living like this before? What was it even like before?


Living in fear of the unknown, living as if we know and as if we have it all figured out.

Truth is – we don’t. Not a single one of us has any of this figured out. And that is okay. It is okay because it’s unfolding the way it’s supposed too. Like in a movie. Feels like that doesn’t it? That we are in this movie and it too shall end.

It’s not ending. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This is our new normal. There will be a vaccine, there will be help, there will be enough to go around, there will be everything we need, because there always has been everything we need, we just see it differently now.

This year has been beautiful, it has been so beautiful because we are forced to stop, to look, to listen, to lean-in to ourselves more than EVER before. We are all part of the collective and as we all are becoming more consciously aware and awake, we start to see and think about things a little bit differently.

Can we please stop! Can we stop asking for this year to be over? January 1, 2021 will come, and guess what, we will be here, breathing, in our safe spaces, with our loved ones, just like we were on December 31, 2020. The only thing that may be different, is that we will all have more love and compassion for one another and belief and hope, that this too shall pass.

We are evolving into the beings that we are meant to be. This year more than ever before, we have had to ask ourselves the hard questions through all the loss, fear, devastation, hardness, sorrow and heartbreak.

How can we come through?

We are coming through, the only difference is that you see clearer than we ever have before and that’s scary because this isn’t “normal” and we’re not in “control”. So oftentimes, we run the other way, and that cycle will continue. It will continue today, tomorrow, next year and forever more and we are the only ones who can break it.

As we enter into the last 40 days of 2020, how can we become grounded, centered and at peace in our life? How can we show up for ourselves and our loved ones?

We are all navigating this difficult mess together yet imagine that your perspective starts to shift, even just a little bit, how that to shall provide more hope and love for yourself and us as a collective?

It’s a wonderful thought knowing, we are in this together and will come through together – changed, and much softer than how we entered. This is my hope!

My darlings, this is a gorgeous reminder just how powerful we all are, as the world seemingly crumbles around us… we are awakening.

With love & gratitude for each of you,




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