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Falling Forward!

I took some time today to sit back and reflect on the past month, something I so often do, yet don’t share publicly. I happily started another new chapter this month, that being a new job. I took the leap and jumped into the unknown yet again and boy has it been rewarding.

I am enjoying meeting my colleagues, learning so many new elements like systems, programs, processes and the overall operation in an industry that’s brand new to me. In my role in HR, I get to support managers, mentor staff, roll out new systems and processes and be a cheerleader for the people in this thriving company.

This revelation has only been possible because of what I’ve endured before being placed here. You see, the universe works it’s wonders in the most magical and mysterious ways, it’s hard to comprehend some days.

Every experience, every question, every obstacle, every decision and every act, has brought me closer to where I belong. I am home. I am feeling and believing and knowing and playing, right here, right now, because I am living in my purpose.

So why is it so hard to trust our path, to have faith in the unknown and keep going?

It’s because deep down we really know, we know where we are supposed to be, but we spend too much time avoiding it and distracting ourselves with other things and stuff that we don’t take the time to deepen in and listen.

I’ve been exploring with this thought for a long while now and I realized that, yes as hard as it is some days to look myself in the mirror, and to trust the process, believing everything is okay, that I am right where I am meant to be within this divine plan… it’s still hard. It’s only hard though when I am too busy focusing on the outcome, the end result and living in my wounds, my ego, my fears – instead of living in my divine feminine power. Therefor, I choose to deepen, to soften, to surrender, to choose, to be in this magical awakened state of the present moment, every day. Truly, all we have is right here, right now. And everything we have ever needed, lies within us.

So here I go gliding into another beautiful autumn month, remembering over and over and over again that it’s better over here; it’s safe, it’s sacred, it’s pure, it’s real and it’s exactly where I am meant to be in my journey ~ and for that I am eternally grateful.

Until the next time,



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