Your WHY is taking you places…

Recently I was asked a question that made me stop in my tracks.

A great friend said this to me, “You have big dreams right, you have goals you want to achieve and a life you want to thrive in correct”? “Yes, of course” I said, and she went on to ask me the single most important question of the year thus far… “So, then Amanda, what are you waiting for”?

Though it doesn’t seem like a big question, truth be told, it smacked me awake. What am I actually waiting for anyway? Tomorrow will come, and I will feel the same as I did yesterday, guilt most likely because I was allowing FEAR to stand in my way.

The thing is, fear is always there, it’s our ego’s way of keeping us SMALL I like to say. Our ego is comfortable where it is, staying SAFE, staying behind, staying right where we are. However, in my case, right where I am is not good enough for me… because I am not thriving.

I was not connecting with human beings, I was not inspiring others to live their best life, I was not moving closer to financial freedom, I was not paying off my debt as fast as I would like too, and I was certainly not where I want to be in my health and wellness journey either.

That left me right where I was recently… playing safe. Because safe is easy, because safe is comfortable and because safe is hard-wired in us.

Truth be told… I recently decided that nothing was changing while I continued to play safe, I wasn’t getting closer to my goals and I wasn’t happy.

That burning desire in me to be a part of something bigger than where I was inspired me beyond words.

I have always longed for connection and community. I have longed for helping people live their best lives and come through the hardness. I have a burning desire to become debt free and own a home one day.

I want to create impact and be a part of something bigger than where I am at.

Because to me, life is more than the 9-5 hustle everyone claims to be “happy” in.

I say that because just recently 95% of the people I spent time with over a 2 -day weekend, were looking for something more rewarding, something where they can use their creative talents, connect and be inspired.

Call me crazy, call me driven, call me ambitious. I am all of them because I finally believed that I am WORTHY too.

I then decided… I decided to stop hiding, to stop being scared and to stop watching those around me thrive while I played victim to my truth and my capabilities as a successful woman myself.

Ahh that felt so good to get that off my chest. In all seriousness though… my WHY is taking me places… my WHY is the foundation and the reason I decided to join a health and wellness social marketing company called Arbonne and live my best, most deserving life. I am over the moon and I have found my calling.

My WHY is derived from wanting to help as many of you find your PURPOSE and your PASSION so you too can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Our dreams don’t just have to be something we wish for. They become our reality when we have the courage to believe that we deserve greatness too.

I want to leave you with this to ponder, and of course I would love to hear your response…

“What is one thing you can start doing today, to get out of your own way and start living your dreams – your wildest life”?

With so much love and gratitude to each of your for reading and sharing,