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A season of change

Isn't incredible how quickly this year has flown by? I feel like I blinked and now it is October.

None the less, it’s a blessing and also a curse. Why? Because, to be honest, many of the goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the year haven’t happened yet. And here we are, the last quarter of 2019, which also happens to be the last 80 days of this decade. What in the what?

I am not sure about you but for so long, I procrastinate, BIG TIME. I am the one who tells herself “I’ll do it tomorrow, it can wait, or I have plenty of time”. Does any of this resonate with you? I certainly am guilty of all of the “excuses” and then some.

Why is there no sense of urgency? This question has been asked to me on several occasions, by mentors and coaches I work with. First of all, I feel like the word urgency has a negative connotation in society and therefor doesn’t sound good. Urgent can come off as pushy or I needed this to be done yesterday. However, the reality is, having urgency means that we have a deep desire, that we want something, that we are longing to create, become something that is outside of us currently.

So why is it that when it comes to our dreams, our hopes, our wishes and our deepest desires in life, that we cling to the exact opposite of urgency and instead, we become or stay stagnant… or dare I say comfortable.

I have come to understand, because like I said earlier, I am definitely guilty of this, is that, nothing ever changes when remaining in our comfort zone. So why is it so difficult to push ourselves towards our deepest longing in life? Because gosh dangit it’s hard. It’s hard as hell people. If it was easy, wouldn’t we all be doing it and be wildly successful, purpose driven beings, creating masterpieces and living our dream lives? Of course, we would.

Truth be told though, we are not. We are not because stepping into the unknown is like piercing vulnerability across our foreheads and praying the net will catch us if we fall, or shall I say, when we fall.

There is no easy way. There is no recipe for success. There is just you my darlings, who have a burning desire in your soul to want more for your life. Whether that is to leave that dreaded workplace of yours, or never have to look your horrible boss in the eyes again, or sit through Joe Blow’s meeting which is counterproductive to your day, or god forbid commute that far ass distance to the place you certainly do not call home. It’ astounding actually, how many people dislike their jobs.

And I have to say it, but it’s no wonder mental illness is rising ever so rapidly. It saddens me beyond belief. This notion that we have to be prisoners in our own life, for the sake of saving everyone else but ourselves?

How is this even our reality?

It has been that because we are lost in the paradigms of what work “should” look like, based on our upbringings, our teachings and on the foundations in which we were brought up. Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the 9-5 gig (how can I, I am in it too) or blaming your childhood. What I am saying is that, if you have desires that overshadow you day in and day out, then we need to talk.

I want you to listen to that yearning, that voice, that calling, that beautiful mind of yours that half the time contradicts your heart and your soul, yet half the time is on point and knows exactly what you need to be doing. I call it the battle of the mind and soul. Deep down, we all have a purpose, many purposes in-fact, however we push them off to the side, because our ego prefers to keep us small and safe and powerless.

I am here to tell you that you are bigger and braver than the doubt. You are called here to have a deep and meaningful life, where you have fulfillment in all that you do. No matter what, listen. Listen to the signals from your body. Deepen in to what it is saying to you, sit with it and you will hear the whispers of the answers in which you’ve known all along, but were too busy staying on the sidelines, because it’s safer over there.

If ever there was a time for reflection, a time to re-evaluate and create movement in your life, it is now. I share this, not only because the seasons continue to change around us, but because if there is no sense of urgency in our lives, then we will never realize all the power and purpose we have to offer this world.

Our time is now, not tomorrow, not in a week, month or year. It is Now. Have belief, desire and a driven soul that knows their path can always be re-defined at any time, anywhere.

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