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It's your time to Flourish!

Why Hello there...

2020 got me thinking really big about joy, love and my career. What about you? What’s spinning through your heart and mind so far this year? Have you given any thought to this year being more fulfilling, promising and abundant?

I know I sure have. After last year, let me tell you, I needed to shake things up in 2020 ~ and to be honest, you know what it started with in the first place.

ME ~ getting out of my own way! Yes, it’s true and I admit it. Guilty. Here’s the thing, the only reason things are hard in life is because our behaviors and actions got us there in the first place. Before I really begin though, let me be very clear here. I am not alluding to death, disease or trauma in any way shape or form – because that is hard and unfathomable at times.

I am talking about how and why some of us are still stuck.

You know that feeling when you dread getting up in the morning to go to work, or dread having to present something to your boss, or can’t stand that colleague?

What about the feeling you get when you read a post or article that sparks your creative juice’s, but you just keep scrolling?

How about if you’re working yourself into exhaustion to pay off the heaps of debt and bills that keep coming your way?

Or that person in our life that is nothing but negative Nancy and every time you speak to them you are brought down another level, into the deep, dark abyss where nothing seems to matter anymore? And lastly, what about the bottle, or the porn, or the sex or the drugs or the social sites or the credit card spending and the constant need for more because it’s too damn hard to look ourselves in the mirror and deal?

Does any of this resonate? I am speaking to you and I am speaking to me because this shit is real. This stuff is coming up all over the place and is heavy on my mind and heart, so I am compelled to chat about it.

Did you know we spend over 4 hours on our phone per day scrolling, reading articles, commenting, texting and liking and perhaps judging and/or admiring other’s posts about their lives?

That is insanity to me. But somehow it is all so true in the world we are living in today. The reality is it’s created separation in a world that is apparently connected. We have separated from the realness that lies in human interaction – true connection.

Is it social media that helps us hide? Is it comparison that makes us feel we are not “good enough”? Is it guilt or shame or judgement that prevents us from sparkling the world with the gifts that all of us have to offer?

Maybe it’s all, maybe it’s one or none, but the reality is this… we are the only one’s who are going to change it. We are the one’s that need to advocate for change, and be that person in the world that steps out, vulnerable as hell, but steps out because we must share our message, our creativity, our purpose because it ain't doing any good residing inside our minds and hearts.

I want you to know that you matter, that your gifts belong out in the world. You have what it takes, it’s deep within you, waiting to let go and speak up. You being small and holding back is doing a disservice to all of us who are dying to see you unleash your power, your wisdom and your love so we can all do the same.

What matters is you, and all of us – to connect and be inspired by each other’s truths.

Let’s all promise to do ourselves a favor this year and get out of our way, show up BIG in this world, step out of our comfort zone so we can step into our power and our gifts. My 2020 vision is this:

I promise to be intentional in all that I do. I promise to not hold back, not fear judgment and not let anyone get in my way.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are going through, you are living your purpose a

nd your calling. This is your year, your decade to shine and be seen and create that wild, abundant life you've always dreamed about.

With so much love,



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