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Uncertain Times

Nothing could have prepared any of us for this pandemic we are all currently facing. How on Earth did this even happen? As I sit here reflecting on the past month of being in quarantine and self-isolation I am perplexed because I too, never imagined something this severe happening to our Global community.

But here we are. Some of us anxiously awaiting the outcome, wondering if this will end and for the love of God, when will we be able to see and give our beloved friends and family the biggest HUG of their life? I am certain that throughout our days and weeks now, these same thought’s have crossed our minds. When will this all be over, so we can go back to “normal”?

Hold Up! Before I dive in, I want to ponder this question for a moment… what is normal exactly?

Maybe normal for you is getting up, working out, getting ready for your 9-5. Maybe you rush awake to get yourself and your kids ready for school. Or perhaps you work shift work, where every day/week is different, and you hold on to each day you have off, away from work to keep you productive. And lastly, maybe you are a stay at home mother or father, and you get to take care of the household and your kids. Whatever it may be… this is all considered “normal”.

We all have a different normal, which is great, however our normal has been shaken up. Kids are out of school until at least the fall, parents are home schooling and balancing working from home, or still going into work and some have been laid off.

These times we are currently living in are nothing short of wild and crazy.

Being away from my HR Career for 4-weeks now, I have had the opportunity to stop. I was not expecting a temporary lay-off, however its all a blessing and a curse I suppose, because it has allowed me TIME. Isn’t that all we ever want in life is more time? I know I sure do.

Time is unbelievably precious. Its a gift, a gift that I have taken for granted for so long. For many years, I have put things aside and said, “I’ll take care of that another day” or “I don’t have time to spend, I will get to you another time”. I have also told myself, “You don’t deserve that” or “You can’t afford it” or “You’re not good enough”. Does this sound familiar?

It dawned on me, the cycle, the patterns, and the self-limiting beliefs that continued to circle through me during this time. And then, just like that, the rug is ripped from under me and I am forced to pause and take a ‘life-break’ or whatever you want to call it.

I am given this TIME, to sit and BE with myself. With no job, with no return to work date and no answers for the foreseeable future. Holy Shit – this is scary as all else. About 10-days into this “Great Reset” our world is enduring, I realized that I am going to do something with my time. I am going to learn and grow and improve myself. Because why not? What do I have to lose?

Why not try that thing you have desired but have been ‘too busy’ to get to? Why not call that friend or relative you have not spoken to in years, or get out a pad of paper and pen or pencil and start writing? Why not order a few art supplies and start painting or drawing? Or maybe you want to learn to cook, or dance or sing. Maybe you have longed to share your story on social or try new products and share them with others?

We have been given this time, and I believe it is a true blessing, because alas, we do not have any excuses now to try that thing that keeps speaking to our hearts. That knowing, the desire for joy and abundance. What do you have to lose? We all have gifts, hidden talents inside of us that are often hidden beneath because we are too busy hustling and bustling through life that we never get to dive in. Now is our time to rise-up to the occasion and put our beautiful workings into the world.

It is been a messy 4-weeks, it has been challenging, scary, but above all else, it’s given me the opportunity to connect and share and re-ignite that burning desire inside of me again.

My wish for you is that through this time, you come back to yourself again through whatever means you need to. Showing up and sharing ourselves

is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and to others.

Be Well & Stay Healthy,



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